Corporate Custom Business Simulators

We create realistic simulations as part of training and development processes within firms of all sizes and industries.  Our simulations range from strategy development to the modelling of specific processes or organizational functions. Our business-level games are excellent vehicles for diffusing strategic principles at all levels of the firm and for bridging functional silos as people in the firm develop a shared understanding of functional interdependencies and company strategic dynamics.

Our simulations are superb tools for training employees in a realistic environment that resembles real life. Simulations are an excellent training device as they permit people to make decisions interactively in a dynamic environment in which they must compete or collaborate.  Simulations allow for organizational members to know others in the company through the interactive game and such networking knowledge can thereupon be important when dealing with real life situations.  Simulations allow for testing people reactions to extreme or unusual situations, to develop scenarios, to use data, and to develop a keen sense of firm dynamics and complexity. Thus our management games are especially suited to train leaders within the organization in riskless environments.  Our simulations are realistic, web-based and they can be used over a variety of platforms. We custom-build our interfaces and work together with the firm to develop the best experience and the best application to suit different environments, industries, and pedagogical styles. For instance we build simulations that run continuously while players make decisions throughout the run or we can build micro-worlds that allow for a slower-paced learning environment in which the simulation advances at discrete points while the business participants may reflect upon results in between runs. Our simulations are professional and advanced tools that realistically replicate the dynamics of a business and which allow people to learn and to experience in compressed time frames the crucial and important issues that underlie a business while reacting and making decisions in rapidly-paced environments.