Education and Learning

Our simulations provide realistic environments in which students test their abilities to manage companies over time.  Our simulations run continuously in very challenging environments.  Students make decisions that are constantly updated, not only with the results of their own decisions but with the results of other participating groups, hence providing a unique and stimulating competitive dynamic.

The simulations, which are based upon real business situations and environments, are unique and rewarding educational experiences, as they are truly engaging, exciting and stimulating for the students, who, by experiencing both success and failure, acquire a deep understanding of different management issues and develop a systemic understanding of how firms function.  In using our simulations, students develop confidence in their abilities to make sound business decisions.  For instance, our game Medica Scientific® runs over the internet as students tap on their smartphones to access the company and make decisions at any time while the simulation is running.  This game depicts a fast-paced medical device production facility with two different production lines.  Students learn to manage inventories, to manage the workforce, to plan capacity, and to deal with financial issues.

We also have games that run at a gentler pace, with the simulation world being interrupted and frozen for pre-determined periods of time, so that students can make decisions, input them, and then have the simulation update to the next period.




Medica Scientific